Yellow Bus Lines in General Santos City - Philippines

In and Around Gen San via Yellow Bus Line

Would you like to go for a trip to General Santos City, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines? If so, you must then decide what means of transportation should you use to reached the city. There are three ways of getting there: by air, by water, or by land. The fastest, of course, is via air flights but if traveling by air or even by water is least preferred for whatever reason you may have, you can always resort to going to Gen San City by taking land transportation.

Getting There by Land

You may hardly believe it but traveling by land to reach Gen San is feasible. That, however, takes a little longer and may include change of busses. Your journey can last up to three days and will go through several provinces. The landscape you will get to see is a hodge-podge of scenic views and a seeming endless road. This may cost you about Php 2 000. Once you have reached or if you are to travel from Davao City, you may ride a bus from the Yellow Bus line to take you inside the city of General Santos. The Yellow Bus line, based in Koronadal, is among the largest bus lines that operate in this southern part of the country. The Yellow Bus line plies the Davao City Gen San Koronadal route, as well as to the Upper Valley region. By bus, Gen San is three hours away from Davao while it may take 20 minutes to an hour for Gen San to Koronadal plights depending on where in Koronadal you are headed.

Going Around the City via Yellow Bus Line

Aside from getting inside the city, riding a Yellow Bus is also one easy means to go around Gen San city. It plies a wider range of destination than tricycles, since the latter are not allowed on national roads. Also, riding from a Yellow Bus line is less costly than riding a taxi cab.

And if you really want to go thrifty, you can experience the Gen San heritage and culture without spending too much. Just ride a bus from the Yellow Bus line that will take you to General Santos Fish Port. There you get to see men doing the usual livelihood of the citys locals: hauling different kinds of sea food that of course includes a large catch of tunas. There is a market at the fish port so you dont have to go elsewhere to buy yourself a good- sized tuna a testament of the citys reputation.

Generally, buss operators, including the Yellow Bus line, charge about Php 200 for three-hour travels and somewhere from Php 50 to Php 80 for Gen San to Koronadal.



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