Super Ferry in General Santos City - Philippines

Super Ferry was established as Aboitiz Super Ferry, a shipping firm located in Manila. Recognized as the largest shipping firm in the country, its central headquarters is situated in Pier 15 of the Manila South Harbor. The company is known for possessing the most modern vessels running in the country.

Formerly owned by William, Gothong & Aboitiz (WG & A), Aboitiz acquired the William and Gothong Lines as well as Super Ferry and its sister vessels SuperCat and Cebu Ferries. The latter established its own shipping firm Carlos A. Gothong Lines (CAGLI) while the William Lines decided to focus on logistics, warehousing, and courier industry and established Fast Logistics. Super Ferry, SuperCat, and Cebu Ferries then became subsidiaries of Aboitiz Group.

Aboitiz Super Ferry serves passengers in 14 destinations throughout the country such as Bacolod, Cebu, Davao, General Santos, to name just a few. As part of the vision of its founders, the company aspires for excellence by developing new standards in the local maritime industry. With the establishment of Aboitiz-Jebsen, Super Ferry holds the prestige of having been bestowed the International Ship Management (ISM) Code, given to companies that have complied with the international standards on safety management, emergency preparedness, ship maintenance, certified and well-trained crew, as well as development plans for operating shipboards.

Aboitiz Super Ferry offers a wide range of accommodation schemes depending on the budget and needs of the passengers. The Stateroom is an air-conditioned room offering a choice between a matrimonial or two single beds. It comes with a receiving section, cable television, as well as private toilet and bath. It is fully-equipped with towels, pillows, and complete linens.

If you are bringing family members along during your trip and wants to stay together, the cabin is the best accommodation for you. They are air-conditioned rooms with bunk beds, cable TV, as well as private toilet and bathroom. Pillows and complete linens are included already.

If you prefer to be alone and want some privacy, the tourist section has bunk beds partitioned to give you time to be with yourself. There is a common toilet and bath. Although the pillows are provided, you need to rent the complete set of linens.

If you are working on a budget and is looking for an affordable accommodation, the mega value package is the right one for you. They come with air-conditioning units as well as bunk beds. It has a common toilet and bath. The pillows and linens need to be rented, however.

The Super Value accommodation is the non air-conditioned area complete with bunk beds and a common toilet and bath. Likewise, you need to rent the pillows and bed linen.



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