Rolands Steak House in General Santos City - Philippines

Despite being the Tuna capital of the Philippines, there are a few restos there that can turn out a mean steak. Among the top two is Rolands Steak House. The resto has been in the area for a few years now and has picked up quite a following.

According to the locals, Rolands Steak House makes the tastiest and juiciest steak in town. Their place is very low key and it is definitely not for fine dining. One could very well confuse it as being an extension of the local food stalls in the public market. What makes this place so special is how they cook the steaks just right that you wonder how on earth they made something so delicious.

Rolands Steak House was made famous by word of mouth which speaks wonders. Most other restos would advertise big in the papers or even radio to get a good share of eating patrons but all Rolands had to do was make good steaks and everybody blabbed about it.

To date, Rolands Steak House is the most preferred eating place for steak. They also have other choices on the menu like their burgers but its the steak that make it worth your time.

Rolands Steak House is located along Jose Catolico Ave., Lagao, General Santos City. One has to really walk to their place for you have to navigate through various open air stalls and other vendors in the area. The resto has recently undergone some renovation of the front so it might not be as some locals might remember it.

The prices at Rolands Steak House make it a winner among the people. Its priced much lower than you might think and it is a really penny saver when compared to their competitors. Their hard to find location seems to be a factor that enables the resto to charge their patrons lower than the rest.

Rolands Steak House used 100 percent local beef and does not mix pork or use meat that has already expired to keep prices down. All the meat comes direct from a known supplier, the same one that supplies meat to big companies that also need the same meat. This way, you are sure that the meat is certified clean and free from any virus or bacterias that may prove deadly to humans.

Rolands Steak House has recently improved its side dish menu to include deep fried or boiled veggies and also offered cold salads (leaf or pasta). They realized that the side dishes and salads help clean the palate and keep the customers coming back for the taste. Sometimes the salads are combined with seasonal fruits so it also depends when you visit the area. December is good time since they liberally douse their salads with strawberries and mango.



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