Mindanao Medical Center in General Santos City - Philippines

There are quite a number of hospitals, diagnostic clinics and clinical laboratories in General Santos City that are mostly situated in key areas around the city, hence; travelers visiting this place will not have a hard time locating one should the need arise.

These hospitals are regulated by the Department of Health so you know that they are operating under strict medical guidelines to ensure that all patients are taken cared of in the best possible way.

Mindanao Medical Center is one such hospital that operates under the strict guidance of the Department of Health.

Location/Getting There

Mindanao Medical Center is situated in a quiet town in General Santos City, specifically along Cannery Road, City Heights. The hospital is right along a major street in the city hence; it will be hard to miss.

You may reach the Mindanao Medical Center via public transportation in the city which consists of tricycles, multi cabs and jeepneys.

Contact Details

You may reach Mindanao Medical Center through telephone numbers: (083) 553 3985, (083) 553 8207 and (083) 552 4629. These numbers are available 24/7 for information on the hospitals services, inquiries on doctors available and to make appointments for check-ups and consultations.

Travelers visiting General Santos City are advised to take note of the numbers given in case of emergency.

Information on Mindanao Medical Center

Mindanao Medical Center is a small hospital, with only a 75-bed capacity but it is well-equipped with modern medical equipment and facilities to better attend to all their patients medical needs.

This tertiary hospital often works hand in hand with the countrys Department of Health to promote better health and improved well-being. They often promote the Department of Healths medical campaigns and support their medical missions to educate residents on how to prevent themselves from contracting certain diseases as well as how to better take care of infants and kids.

Mindanao Medical Center is set in a modern building, with efficient nurses, doctors and other hospital personnel to provide assistance to all their patients. It is a gated hospital so theres 24-hour security and there is ample parking space for those who have their private vehicles.

The hospital is served by excellent doctors that specialize in specific medical fields like pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, oncology and general practice.

Being regulated by the Department of Health, Mindanao Medical Center does not charge exorbitant fees for their services, from consultations to laboratory procedures and emergency cases, unlike with most other private hospitals.



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