Language in General Santos City - Philippines

For foreign travelers visiting General Santos City, a major consideration is the Language being used in the city. While General Santos City boasts of many wonderful tourist destinations, the communication gap could get in the way at least this is what tourists who havent gone to the city might think.

On the contrary however, General Santos City is an English-speaking city; with this Language being the main instructional language in schools, colleges and universities here.

Common Languages/Dialects

Everyday Language in the city is Cebuano; it is a predominantly Cebuano-speaking community but other Philippine languages are also used here such as Ilonggo or Hiligaynon and the national language, Filipino, but Filipino here is based on the Tagalog dialect so you may find a very slight difference on occasion.

Other ethnic languages may also be heard from time to time, although on rare occasions only.

In some parts of General Santos City, Ilokano is also used a native dialect in the mountain regions of Northern Luzon.

Do not be surprised if, as you travel around General Santos City, you will find people speaking any of these languages from one place to the next. Cebuano is the native Language in the Visayas region which has also found its way to General Santos City.

The reason for this is that a number of people from other regions in the country migrated to the Mindanao region, in particular, General Santos City, thus giving the city its diversity in Language usage.

On the other hand, since English is likewise widely-used, foreign travelers will not have a hard time communicating with the locals through this Language.

Spoken English In Major Districts

Foreign travelers will find that major tourist destinations around General Santos City adopt the English Language as their major means of communications for foreigners.

Accommodations such as hotels, pension houses, lodges and resorts have an English-speaking staff to be able to properly communicate with foreign visitors. Restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, sports facilities and other business establishments in and around the central business district of the city also use the English Language.

Foreign visitors are assured that the whole community of General Santos City at least has a basic knowledge of conversational English for easy communications. From the airport, bus depots to ports, all the way to your accommodations; conversing in the English Language with the locals will not be a problem.

This being said, the peoples ability to speak the English Language has likewise greatly contributed to the booming tourism industry of the city.



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