KCC Mall of Gensan - Philippines

KCC Mall of Gensan is a sprawling shopping center in the heart of General Santos City, in a 90, 000-sq. m. area, and boasts of having more than two hundred different shops and establishments including entertainment and dining amenities.


The mall can be found along Jose Catolico Sr. Avenue in Lagao, General Santos City. Getting in and around town, and reaching KCC Mall of Gensan is easy with a number of public transports easily accessible in town.

These include jeepneys, multi-cabs and tricycles. For a more private means of getting around, taxicabs are also readily available.

Shopping and Entertainment

The three-storey KCC Mall of Gensan has several different shops to cater to our fancy. Shoes, bags, the latest in fashion and accessories, household needs, home furnishings and electrical appliances and gadgets, sports apparel and equipment are just some of the things that we can find at the mall.

Plus, the supermarket provides all our food items and basic household essentials. There are likewise a good number of fast food joints plus six cinemas for a bit of entertainment after a day of shopping.


We will find that prices of commodities as well as costs for dining and entertainment are all within our budget. As a matter of fact, we could just find a good number of items on sale during special holidays or even for promotional campaigns, giving us good discounted rates for all items during these times.

World-Class Facilities

KCC Mall of Gensan boasts of world-class facilities that are in keeping with modern malls across the globe. Escalators, walkalators and elevators are all available to make getting around the mall more convenient.

Clean and modern restrooms are also spread out within the mall so we can easily locate them and use them at our convenience.

Other Information

Mall hours are from 9:30 in the morning until 8 in the evening for all shops and restaurants, and also including the supermarket. KCC Mall of Gensan is open daily.

For changes in mall opening during special holidays or in observance of the Holy Week, we may check the official website of the mall.

We will also be glad to know that the cinemas found within KCC Mall of Gensan show all the latest local and Hollywood movies so we can catch all the latest flicks right under one roof.

Cinema schedules can also be found in the malls website; plus updates on the latest events including mall shows can also be found here.



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