Kalilangan Festival in General Santos City - Philippines

Kalilangan Festival is an annual festivity that is celebrated in General Santos City and takes place in the month of February.

How To Get There

General Santos City is located in southern Philippines, southeast of Manila, and southwest of Davao. There are two ways for us to reach General Santos City: via air and sea travel.

Two of the most popular airlines flying to General Santos City are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. With an international airport that boasts of being the second-largest in Mindanao and excellent facilities making air travel more convenient for tourists, flying-in would be our best option.

As for sea travel, there are major shipping lines that navigate the seas to reach Mindanao such as the WG&A, Sulpicio Lines and Negros Navigation. The Makar Wharf on the other hand, is considered as the best one in the country.

If we are going to be coming from other parts in Mindanao, bus and jeepneys routes are also available.

Kalilangan Festivities

During the celebration of the Kalilangan Festival, we can expect a grand merrymaking of sorts. Each year is themed differently. This years theme was Honoring the Past, Understanding the Present and Embracing the Future.

2010s Kalilangan Festival highlights included the Kadsagayan Street Dancing Competition, Lakan and Lakambini Pageant, Search for the Queen of Mindanao Festivals, Festivals of Mindanao Street Dancing Competition, street parties and live musical events.

A carnival, flea markets, garden shows, an on-the-spot painting competition, motorbike competition, auto show, cultural dances, music competitions and a boxing event are also some of the exciting activities that were lined-up during this years Kalilangan Festival.

A Thanksgiving Mass was also celebrated, plus a wreath-laying ceremony was also held as part of the festivities.

Festival Background

In the vernacular, kalilang means to celebrate and what the Kalilangan Festival celebrates is the tradition of sharing, hospitality, altruism that is part of the cultural heritage of Mindanao.

It is also a celebratory ritual that honors the ethnic rituals of Mindanao such as the local wedding ceremony and other religious rituals. The friendly competitions and the exchange of gifts are also part of the tradition that the Kalilangan Festival celebrates.


Our holiday budget for this trip to General Santos actually depends on our means of traveling to the city, whether by air, land or sea; the accommodations that we wish to stay in; plus the shopping and dining budget.

Overall however, we can easily visit General Santos on a stringent holiday budget, with affordable accommodations and local eateries that cost less than eating in big-budgeted restaurants.

Shopping in flea markets during the festivities is also cheaper than shopping in malls here but we will find that the prices of goods in malls are also not very expensive.



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