Gumasa Beach in General Santos City - Philippines

Gumasa beach is one of the three popular beaches that are the pride of the village of Glan in Sarangani province, which is just worth around 30 kilometers in distance to the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City. The two other beaches are the beaches of Margus and Baliton.

To go to Gumasa Beach from the General Santos City proper, all the tourist has to do is to board a public transport van bound to Glan from the KCC mall. He will have to pay about 68 pesos for the fare. Travel usually just takes about 40 minutes. The van will drop him off at the tricycle terminal in Glan. From there, he has to ride a tricycle to Gumasa Beach.

Only two passengers can board the vehicle at one time, and they would have to pay 30 pesos each for the fare. Otherwise, if the tourist has his own means of transportation, he will just have to take a 40 minute ride to the beach from General Santos International Airport, via the airport shuttle service. Taxi cabs are also available, but these may charge tourists up to around 300 pesos for just a 40-minute ride.

Once the tourist gets into Gumasa Beach, what will most probably get into his senses first are the stretches of white sand, the clear blue waters, the azure sky, and the forest covered mountain ranges in the background. This is most probably the reason why Gumasa Beach has been declared by many as the Boracay of Mindanao. And then, if the tourist will be scouring the entirety of Gumasa Beach, he will also get to notice that it is, as a whole, shaped like a crescent, all six kilometers of it.

Truly, Gumasa Beach is as picturesque and as postcard like in beauty as it were portrayed in articles hailing it as the Boracay of the South. And tourists go here for many different reasons. Whether it is simply swimming or going diving, there is a treat for anyone at Gumasa Beach. Or even if they just want to go look for the perfect view of the sun, whether rising or setting, they are sure to get it at Gumasa Beach.

Places to eat at Gumasa Beach range from luxurious hotel fare, to the plush Sarangani Highlands, which is one of the most sought after restaurants in the town of Glan because of its nature inspired beauty and delicious Pinoy dishes.



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