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General Santos City attracts many tourists because of its nearby tourist attractions. As the city thrives on tourism, General Santos City has become home to many hangouts, restaurants and cafes in the area.

Tatay Pepe’s Restobar

Tatay Pepe’s Restobar is a hip location for the hip crowd. It is one of the more popular gimmick places in General Santos City with its delectable servings of Filipino comfort food along with live music. Located along Laurel East Street, Tatay Pepe’s is a hit among locals and tourists alike. That’s because the restobar best personifies the Philippine pop culture, the Filipino’s way of life.

Some of the house specialty at Tatay Pepe’s includes Nilagpang and Gulami. It also serves a variety of grilled treats. The Sizzlers are truly must-tries. Tatay Pepe’s Restobar also does the chicken best. Whether fried or buttered, you will surely find their chicken recipes gastronomically fulfilling – crispy on the outside but very juicy on the inside – yummy!

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La Veranda Café

La Veranda Café is one of the newest restaurants in General Santos City. It is not the least of them however. In fact, La Veranda Café has started making waves since it opened. It has a very nice atmosphere and of course, great tasting dishes.

People flock to La Veranda Café, especially before the sunsets because it offers an outdoor dining area at the rooftop where guests can watch the beautiful sunset. On the food part, this simply elegant café serves an assortment of coffee blends and pasta recipes. It is the perfect place for chillout dates.

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Ranchero’s Grill

Ranchero’s Grill presents one of the most luxurious dining experiences you can have while you are in General Santos City. It serves mouthwatering grilled treats – from seafood to steak to babyback ribs. It also boasts about its fresh seafood offers. There’s Steamed Tuna Belly and Grilled Tuna Jaw. Some other must-try dishes include Pochero, Fried Quail Eggs, and Steamed Pompano among others. Ranchero’s Grill is also notable for its unique dessert and drink offers, which use dragonfruit, honeydew melon, and passion fruit instead of the usual.

Aside from the General Santos City branch, Ranchero’s Grill also has a restaurant in Davao.

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Dimsum Diner

Dimsum Diner is all about dimsum. It offers an assortment of everybody’s comfort food – dumplings. The most popular dishes are shark’s fin dumplings, salt and pepper riblets, and siomai supreme.

Dimsum Diner offers a variety of Chinese dishes including noodles, congee, rice toppings, and some cold cuts. It is the perfect escapade for those who crave for Chinese cuisine. On top of all the filling dishes, there are also the notable refreshments, which are quite unique in their own right. Make sure that you try out Taho with Sago, Halo-Halo, and Mango Sago when you visit the Dimsum Diner branch in General Santos City.

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Grab-A-Crab is a casual restaurant that has become a treat for both local and tourist diners. Its interiors, layout, and ambience all make noise as much as the food served itself. The soothing lights coupled with soulful sounds and sleek leather furniture is perfect for those diners who want to relax and unwind. It is perfect for those who treat eating as a form of refueling the body with energy to face even more challenges.

Grab-A-Crab serves an assortment of crab dishes, grilled treats, and Chinese recipes. The must-try? Of course, it’s basically all about the crabs. But you have lots of other choices in store.

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Jam's Restaurant

Jam’s Restaurant is one of the hippest dining places in General Santos City. It offers a variety of dishes that take pride to the city’s most important product – tuna. Grilled, fried, or steamed, no matter how your tuna is done you can be sure that it is good and oh-so-fresh. Aside from tuna, Jam’s Restaurant also offers other seafood dishes. Based on customer’s reviews, the Chicken Tinola is said to be a must-try.

Jam’s Restaurant is located in Nunez Street. You must never miss a trip to this seafood haven if you happen to be in general Santos City.

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Kanto Grill

General Santos City takes pride as to how fresh the seafood served to the public is. There are numerous restaurants and grilleries that capitalize on that. Kanto is one of those restaurants that use seafood to good use. It serves hot-off-the-grill seafood that is fresh, succulent, and tasty. Aside from seafood, it also offers meaty treats for those who still seek steaks and pork chops and whatnots. Aside from the grilled food, what Kanto is becoming even more famous for is the sauce they serve with thee food. The ingredients the chefs use to create that sauce is supposedly secret. But it does tastes really good.

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When other restaurants try to offer international dishes to attract foreign visitors, Sud-an decides to stick to the native recipes that are popular to the locals so it can offer a taste of the GenSan lifestyle.

Sud-an is all about the city. It is all about General Santos City. It offers tuna, a local delicacy widely, and an assortment of seafood dishes. It presents Filipino food in a way that even those who are not familiar with it would be attracted to try it. Some of Sud-an’s bestsellers include Crispy Pata, Sugpo sa Aligue, Crispy Tuna Tail, and Sizzling Sisig among others.

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Chicken Hauz

Chicken Hauz is a popular eating hub in General Santos City. Located at South Osmena, it serves the most delectable chicken recipes in the city. The dining experience may be casual but if you go down to the food, you will surely feel satisfied.

Tourists and locals alike flock to Chicken Hauz for more servings of garlic chicken. You must never forget to try that, too.

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Fagioli is a popular coffee shop in General Santos City, which has already sprouted a couple of other branches in other parts of the country, especially in Davao City.

In General Santos City, Fagioli is tucked neatly within a gas station. It is literally, a good place for some quick stops or coffee breaks. Fagioli offers a variety of coffee blends, pastries, and a number of Italian recipes including frittata, panini, and pasta. Aside from coffee, you may also enjoy wine and tea in this delightful coffee haven.

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Sarangani Highlands

If you want a nice, picturesque view along with some good food, then try Sarangani Highlands, a General Santos City restaurant located at the hilltop. It is overlooking Sarangani Bay, downtown GenSan, Mt. Parker, and Mt. Matutum so the scenic view is given. It also offers a wide selection of food and drinks. So whether you come in for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner, you would surely find something delectable to order.

Sarangani Highlands is also made popular by the annual Takdol Festival, which celebrates tribal food and entertainment.

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Bee Stop Restaurant

Bee Stop Restaurant is famous for its delicious chicken recipes. Whether it is fried, buttered or garlicky you crave for, you will surely find it good here. Located along Santiago Boulevard, this is the chosen shop for those who want a quick food stop that is not too heavy on the budget.

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Roland’s Steak House

As the name suggests, Roland’s Steak House serves the most succulent steaks in all of General Santos City. Located in Lagao, along Jose Catolico Avenue, this interesting food hub also serves a variety of burger recipes, making it quite in demand for diners who dig Western cuisine.

Roland’s Steak House is famous for doing their steaks well. They serve hot-off-the-grill, mouth-watering steaks every single time. The food is sinfully yummy. You will also find it hard to choose from a wide selection of dishes on the menu. So you would have to come back for more.

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Mandarin Tea Garden

The Mandarin Tea Garden is located at Osmena South, one of General Santos’s busy tourism and commercial districts. The restaurant serves Chinese food, with a selection ranging from noodles, dim sum, rice toppings and soup, and provides a spacious and comfortable ambience. The dishes are reasonably priced, with a minimum price of 70 pesos. Mandarin Tea Garden also provides a free Wi-Fi connection for customers. Mandarin Tea Garden is located at the KCC Mall, and there are also other branches in the Gaisano Mall and Acharon Boulevard, all within the vicinity of General Santos.

Kiko's Family Restaurant

Kiko’s Family Restaurant is well recommended by many General Santos City tourist guides. That’s because this unassuming, new food haven is a must-try for both tourists and locals alike. Located along Suouth Osmena Street, Kiko’s serves a variety of homecooked goodness that personifies the Filipino dining table.

The most popular dish is undoubtedly the homestyle fried chicken, which is unbelievably greaseless but tasty and juicy nevertheless. Kiko’s Family Restaurant serves a lot of other must-tries – laing, tuna belly, grilled chops, and imbao soup. For dessert there’s a toss between halo-halo and ube.

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Casa Goatan

If you are an adventurous eater, you must never miss a trip to Casa Goatan in General Santos City. This exotic food haven specializes in goat meat. It was launched in 2004 and has garnered a local stable of patrons since.

Located in Bulaong Subdivision, Casa Goatan offers one of the most unique dining experiences in all of GenSan.

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Orange Bistro

Orange Bistro is one of the more popular food hubs in Lagao. It is homey and cozy, offering an array of delectable dishes that you sure would not want to miss. It is also a WiFi hotspot, making it quite in demand among the yuppie crowd.

Orange Bistro serves a variety of pasta dishes. The Angel’s Hair Pomodoro and Spaghetti Meat Sauce are bestsellers. Some of the great-tasting food includes Dumplings, Nachos, and Orange Bistro Burger. They are best paired with a glass of Special Orange Ice Tea.

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Paseo del Sol

Pase del Sol is a classy restaurant located in General Santos City. It serves great tasting food along with nice interiors and a relaxing atmosphere. It also hosts many interesting events the whole year through. It is definitely one of the best dining places in the city.

Pase del Sol is mostly famous for its fine dining appeal coupled with Western cuisine. It is one of the few exquisite restaurants that you can find in the city. So if you have the money to splurge, don’t forget to visit Paseo del Sol.

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Mang Gorio's Bahay Kainan

Mang Gorio’s Bahay Kainan is a nice food hub that offers homecooked goodness at its best. One of the more popular family restaurants in General Santos City, Mang Gorio’s is located along the National Highway. It is very accessible and very conveniently located, especially for exploring tourists who practically do not know their way around.

Anyway, Mang Gorio’s offers a variety of dishes – mostly Filipino cuisine. The Kare-Kare, Batchoy, Bulalo, Tapa, Chicken Barbeque, Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu, Lumpia, Vhopsuey, and Kalderetang Kambing are a must to sample. Also, make sure not to leave the restaurant without tasting the durian pie, which is much talked about in the whole area. As a proof of Mang Gorio’s success in the culinary scene, it now has four branches soread throughout Mindanao.

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