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Known by the nickname ‘Boom Town City of the South,’ General Santos City is an excellent Philippine tourist destination that features some of the most exciting, beautiful, and convenient hotels and resorts. Through the years, these wonderful places continuously deliver utmost comfort, convenience, and pleasure to all the tourists and guests who pass by the area. Because of their outstanding services, topnotch facilities, and highly affordable rates, expect more and more people to experience a very pleasant, pleasurable, and memorable stay while they appreciate the beauty and wonders of the place.

Dolores Tropicana Resort

This resort is dubbed as the premiere resort in General Santos City. The resort is actually a franchise of a local company based in South Cotabato. It is located in Barangay Cabu in the Town of Tambler. This franchise was established due to the demand for quality resorts in the area.

Dolores Tropicana Resort has 34 guest rooms and a couple of function rooms. All the guest rooms are air conditioned and are equipped with basic amenities that guests will need. The function rooms are big enough for private parties, conventions, and other corporate events. The place is quite popular with the locals who book the place for seminars, wedding receptions, and other festivities.

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Days Hotel

Days Hotel is located in Lagao in General Santos City. If you’re looking for hotels and resorts in the city that has excellent service then you have a good option in this one. They have ample parking spaces, large conference rooms, and safety deposit boxes for their guests. You can expect to get all the basic amenities in their air conditioned rooms like satellite TVs, phones, and hairdryers. Room rates in Days Hotel will range from $65 to $100.

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East Asia Royale Hotel

If you’re looking for the best hotels and resorts in General Santos City then East Asia Royale is probably a good candidate. It is located along the national highway in Barangay Lagao, which makes it very accessible. Restaurants and other popular destinations in the city are close by. The hotel staff is professional enough though they do need to learn how to walk the extra mile when serving guests. Some guests would really love to get a little extra service to make their day.

The regular rooms may seem pretty basic but they are truly suitable for any guest. The suites however are quite nice and may come with a Jacuzzi. Regular room rates in this hotel will range from $51 to$56. Deluxe room rates start at $62 while suites will range from $80 to $86. With room rates like that and service and amenities that are better than most of the hotels in the area, East Asia Royale is an easy favorite among many patrons.

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Dolores Hotel

This hotel is a good option if you’re looking for economy class hotels and resorts in General Santos City. The hotel is located along Santiago Boulevard, which is in the premiere business hub of the city. It has 40 standard rooms equipped with the standard room amenities including IDD phones and cable TVs. They have several function rooms that are suited for seminars, small parties, and group meetings. Rates are really low, which is perfect for backpackers, ranging from $12 to $20.

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Phela Grande Hotel

Phela Grande is a luxury hotel in General Santos City. It is located at the corner of Atis Street and Magsaysay Street. It prides itself as being part of the premiere luxury hotels and resorts in General Santos City. It is fully equipped with function rooms, restaurants, cafe, and a souvenir shop. Guests who stay in this hotel will be treated to fine Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Guests will choose from nine different types of rooms that have varying room rates. The room rates in Phela Grande Hotel range from less than $20 to $50, which is relatively cheaper than the ones you’ll find in the Philippine capital. Standard room amenities include IDD/NDD telephone, cable TV, bath tubs (not included in standard rooms), air conditioning, and hot and cold showers.

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Family Country Hotel

You’ll find this hotel along Mateo Road in General Santos City and it’s quite close to KCC Mall and Gaisano Mall. Most of the folks who have stayed here find the price to be really wonderful. Room rates start at less than $20 for the regular rooms up to $50 for one of the suites. Rooms have air conditioning, cable TV, hot and cold showers, and telephone, which is pretty basic for mid-range or even budget class hotels and resorts.

The lobby is quite alright and has a rather homey feel to it though it doesn’t have a lot of frills. They also have a café, a business center, outdoor pool, gym, and free wireless Internet at the business center. You’ll be greeted by a warm and friendly staff. The food is good but the nearby malls and restaurants also allow for other dining options.

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Anchor Hotel

This hotel is one of the budget class hotels and resorts in General Santos City. It is located along Santiago Boulevard, which right in the middle of the city’s downtown area. From the hotel, you’ll have easy access to government offices, business and commercial hubs, and shopping centers. Getting to the city airport will only take around 15 minutes drive from here. Anchor hotel has 35 rooms, all of which are fully equipped. Average room rates in Anchor Hotel are at $50.

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La Tierra Del Sur Hotel

This is another great option if you’re looking for budget class hotels and resorts in General Santos City. It is easily accessible since it is located along the national highway. A popular landmark is the old bus terminal, which is right next door to this hotel. Like most budget class hotels in the city, you pretty much get the standard amenities so don’t expect anything fancy.

The place is kept clean and the hotel only has 22 rooms to boot. It has a small bar/cafe and the staff is very welcoming. The guards are quite helpful and will be more than willing to help you. The rooms may need a bit of improvement, but that’s exactly what one might expect for a rate of $20 per room. There are no phones in the rooms but you make calls at the phone at the front desk. A bit of added value is the outdoor pool, which is a relaxing surprise for a budget class hotel.

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Pietro’s Hotel

Located just along the National Highway, Pietro’s Hotel is among economy class hotels of General Santos. It offers 42 rooms, some air-conditioned, with good hotel room amenities and furnishings. The hotel has a nice restaurant, a conference room for business meetings, and also a ballroom and disco for entertainment functions and special celebrations. Twin sharing prices are available from as low as Php2,600 plus per pax, and increases depending on added amenity features. The price is good for 3 days and 2 nights. Reservations can be done online as in other hotels of General Santos.

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Sydney Hotel

When driving along Pioneer Avenue at the corner of Pendatun, one would never miss noticing this business tourist lodge called Sydney Hotel. It’s among posh hotels of General Santos where all major credit cards are accepted. It’s easy getting to it from the airport, which is 20 minutes away, because Sydney offers shuttle service. It is also adjacent to business offices and shopping centers. Though the rooms are quite suitable and classy for business people, Sydney is among affordable hotels of General Santos. It offers a twin sharing price as low as Php 2,700 plus for 3 days and 2 nights. The lobby alone speaks of a stylish tourist hotel where the staff is professional and quite accommodating.

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T’boli Hotel and Resort

Categorized not only as a hotel but also among resorts of General Santos, T’boli’s twin sharing arrangements can be availed at merely Php 1,995 per pax. That includes 3 days and 2 nights. It is located along the National Highway of the city, near the Marine Ponds. For visiting folks looking for a simple but comfortable lodge in this city, T’boli is it. It has a swimming pool and homey rooms. The place has an overall look of a typical local dwelling in the Philippines. It is also near major business and shopping centers.

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Isla Parilla Resort

Among popular resorts of General Santos is Isla Parilla Resort. It is located in Alabel, Sarangani Province, along the National Highway there, and which is about 15 minutes from the city. The resort is an artificial islet built in the middle of a seawater pond. The exciting feature is the native cottages on stilts right on the water. Also among the cottages is a native restaurant that serves good native-style “kinilaw” of raw fresh fish (tuna) salad. A stay of 3 days and 2 nights costs about Php 2,380 plus per pax, which is a twin sharing price. Most visitors to this place say it is among resorts of General Santos that they will keep going back to when in the city.

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Villa Aurora Pension Hauz

Found along National Hi-Way within Narciso Compound in General Santos City, Villa Aurora Pension Hauz offers relaxing rooms that have affordable rates, which range from 450 pesos to 550 pesos. Rates vary depending on accommodations including Single Bed, Double Bed, and Family Bed. For utmost comfort and convenience, the place also has a spacious parking area, a business center, and a cozy bar.

Hotel Filipino and Restaurant

Hotel Filipino and Restaurant is a standard class hotel in General Santos City. It is located along Santiago Boulevard. Due to its location and proximity to other important destinations in the city, it is usually the scene of different conventions and meetings. Many visitors to the city also favor to stay here since other convention areas are just a short drive away.

All rooms in Hotel Filipino and Restaurant are air conditioned. You get to choose from different kinds of rooms, namely single, twin, matrimonial, family, and triple. Room rates in this hotel range from Php 700 to Php 1,200. You get to pay an additional Php 300 if you want to get an extra bed. If you’re looking for a decent place to stay with a great location then this hotel might suit your needs.

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Hotel Sansu

Hotel Sansu is another standard class hotel in General Santos City. Its business address is Demalanta Building, Pioneer Avenue. It isn’t that much of a huge hotel and it only offers a total of 22 rooms. Eight of these rooms are twin rooms, which would be your best option if you’re looking for better type of room in this hotel.

It is quite unfortunate that the rooms in this hotel are not air conditioned, which is more of a downside. However, since the hotel is located near many of the places of interest in the General Santos City, its accessibility makes up for the lack of AC in the sleeping quarters. The cable TV in each of the rooms is also a welcome treat. The hotel also has a souvenir shop in case you don’t want to go far to get your souvenirs and keepsakes.

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Matutum Hotel

Matutum Hotel is a budget class hotel in General Santos City. It’s a great option if you’re looking for great value for your money. The restaurant in the hotel serves international, Filipino, and Chinese cuisines, though the Chinese food tops the rest of the dishes they serve. The hotel is a three-storey building located in 47 P. Acharon Boulevard, which is quite close to Lion Beach.

Hotel amenities include carpeted rooms, restaurant, disco, and function rooms. All of the rooms in this hotel are air conditioned except for the single ordinary rooms. Room rates in Matutum Hotel range from Php 230 for the non-air conditioned single ordinary room to Php 950 for a suite.

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Princefield Inn

Princefield Inn is a standard class hotel in General Santos City. It is located along Marcos Avenue in Apopong. Standard amenities in this hotel include individual garage, air conditioning, cable TV, room service, and hot and cold showers. Average room rates in this hotel are at Php 900.

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Tierra Verde Hotel II

This hotel in General Santos City is readily accessible since you'll find it along the national highway. It’s a standard class hotel with 28 rooms. Room rates in Tierra Verde Hotel II range from Php 500 to Php 1,300. Hotel amenities include restaurant, pool, and bar. It is quite close to the wharf and the international airport, which makes it quite ideal.

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