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A very popular, historical, and interesting city in Mindanao Philippines, General Santos City plays home to several health care service providers that are known for the reliable and efficient medical services that they offer to patients. For those who are in search for hospitals that are very accessible in the area, they can always go to Saint Elizabeth Hospital Inc., General Santos City Doctors Hospital, and Mindanao Medical Center. On the other hand, for those who are in search for health care facilities that offer affordable medical services, the city features SOCSARGEN County Hospital, General Santos City District Hospital, and Polyclinic General Santos City.

Saint Elizabeth Hospital Inc.

One of the hospitals in Gensan is Saint Elizabeth Hospital Inc. which has been serving many local folks who are in need of prompt medical services and continuous healthcare. This is one of the long-standing establishments in the area. And it’s quite interesting to see that it still stands proudly up to now. Years ago, this health establishment in General Santos city only had two floors but that didn’t stop this hospital from giving its best efforts in attending to those in need of their services. It was only in 2009 when its third floor was constructed. During that time, only a few bloggers in the city were lucky to attend the inauguration of the newly-built third floor of the hospital. This inauguration took place a week before it was opened to the public. That is why this establishment proudly has around 40 new rooms to date. These rooms include 18 private rooms, 15 suites, 6 executive rooms and a deluxe room.

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General Santos City Doctors Hospital

Another of those reputable hospitals in Gensan is called the General Santos City Doctors Hospital. It boasts of modern health equipments that are really sophisticated and valuable to use. Aside from this, this health establishment also extends a friendly and warm service from the doctors and staff who are happy to accommodate you. You wouldn’t feel like a confused person when you enter its doors because the people working there treat you very well. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions if you need clarifications on anything. This establishment can be found along the national highway of Gensan. Among the other hospitals in the area, this one is best known for its advanced take on its services to people who come to visit and seek health care services. As such, it is the most advanced in terms of provision of medical services, which is why it is also a part of the pride and glory of General Santos.

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Mindanao Medical Center

Although small in structure and simple in nature unlike the other hospitals in General Santos, the Mindanao Medical Center is still able to attend to those in need of health care. Its maximum capacity for patients is around seventy five (75) patients. Even with a small number, this establishment still can provide efficient services to the nearby residents of General Santos. Located along Cannery Road, which can be found at the City Heights of the city, this medical center is proud to house physicians who are not only knowledgeable about their own individual specialties but are also diligent and friendly. Special medical fields include Family Medicine, Pediatics, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Its staff is very accommodating and warm, too.

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SOCSARGEN County Hospital

Cheaper alternatives for health care can be availed of in Gensan. Many tertiary hospitals in General Santos are easily accessible to those who are in need of immediate medical care and attention. One of its interesting features that will help make patients more comfortable is its modern equipments and facilities for medical care. Another thing that is really wonderful about this particular hospital is its offer on charitable provisions for those less fortunate ones who come to seek for attentive and superb healthcare. What’s more, this hospital also has a spacious emergency room that can take care of 10 patients at one time. Aside from all these things great features, this health establishment also has a very friendly staff ready to serve its patients.

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General Santos Emergency Hospital

It is most comforting to know that the General Santos Emergency Hospital is another of those best hospitals in General Santos whose staff and physicians aim to deliver the best health services to its people in terms of medical expertise and fees for healthcare. It also gives inexpensive medical fees to help others who are looking for cheaper alternatives when it comes to healthcare services. Just like other health establishments in Gensan, this also does not offer spacious surroundings or modern amenities to its patients. But you can be rest assured that it gives excellent medical service to the local residents and other visitors. Among its various services, you may be pleased to learn that this also offers dental and pediatric services that you can avail of. It also has a laboratory which use advance medical equipment for the safety and comfort of the patients.

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General Santos City District Hospital

For patients who are in search for hospital in General Santos City that offers cheap medical service fees, they can always go to General Santos City District Hospital. Even if this health care service provider is not as spacious or modern as other hospitals in the area, it still manages to attend to the medical needs of people in the city. Some of the services that this hospital offers to patients are pediatric and dental services. Additionally, this hospital features a clinical laboratory that uses advance equipment.

Polyclinic General Santos City

The Polyclinic General Santos City may not be that known to others who haven’t gone to Gensan. But this is actually one of those hospitals in Gensan that continuously serve the many residents and visitors of the city. Not much is said though about this hospital but if you have a chance to look around the city of Gensan, and ask the people there, you may be surprised to know that there are many who patronize this particular health establishment in the land.

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