General Santos City Doctors Hospital - Philippines

General Santos City is well-served by a number of hospitals that provide the residents here with their healthcare needs; from emergency cases to maternity care and childrens healthcare.

General Santos City Doctors Hospital is one such hospital that provides efficient and timely medical care to residents as well as travelers visiting the city.

Location and Getting There

General Santos City Doctors Hospital is located along National Highway, General Santos City and can be easily accessed since it stands along a main thoroughfare of the city.

It can be reached via public transports in the city, mainly through tricycles and jeepneys, and even multi cabs. For emergency cases where an ambulance might be needed, the hospital can dispatch an ambulance immediately to reach the patient at the soonest time possible.

Contact Details

General Santos City Doctors Hospital may be reached through telephone numbers: (083) 552 3141 and (083) 552 4724 or through fax number: (083) 552 5974.

These numbers are available for inquiries, emergency cases and to check doctors schedules, among other things. Foreign visitors are advised to keep these numbers handy in the event that medical attention may be needed.

Hospital Information

General Santos City Doctors Hospital is undergoing an upgrade to accommodate more patients and modernize more of their facilities. Funded by the Department of Health, the P13.5 million renovation will include a more spacious emergency room and out-patient section of the hospital.

A two-storey facility is also being constructed and old medical equipment has been replaced by new, more technologically-advanced units to better cater to the medical needs of all their patients.

Other improvements include more rooms to accommodate their growing number of in-patient cases, a piped-in oxygen for the hospitals Intensive Care Unit, additional operating rooms, improvements on the childrens healthcare department including a special ICU for kids and the addition of the hospitals own dialysis unit.

The project aims to not only improve the medical facilities to better take care of their patients but also to extend the same medical care to residents in neighboring towns and districts.

Medical Doctors

General Santos City Doctors Hospital is served by excellent doctors that specialize in various medical fields to give focus on each of the patients special medical needs.

Cardiologists, pediatricians, OB-GYNE, EENT, Internal Medicine, orthopedic Surgery, and General Practice doctors are all available for your healthcare needs at any given time.

You may reach these doctors through the numbers given above for medical appointments. Resident doctors are available 24/7 for emergency medical attention.



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