Gaisano Mall in General Santos City - Philippines

Strolling along the Mall: Southern Philippines Version

'SM' or 'Shoe Mart' is definitely one of the famous malls in the National Capital Region or the Metro Manila in the Philippines. SM branches such as Megamall and MOA or Mall of Asia are some proofs of how vast the company invested in and influenced the popular culture of the Pinoys or the Filipinos. Nonetheless, upon going south, say, at GenSan or General Santos City, one of the best places to visit and to buy necessary commodities is the Gaisano Mall.

General Santos City's Gaisano Mall

Gaisano Mall at the city of General Santos is located at Jose Catolico Avenue, South Cotabato. Practically speaking, anybody could reach Gaisano Mall within General Santos City. For first time visitor, it would be wise to have a companion or relative as a guide to explore the city. Local tourist agencies would be taking care of first time visitors if they do not have any relatives or companions to guide them as they survey the city. Accordingly, metered air-conditioned taxis, tricycles, multi cabs and jeeneys are the main means of transportation that would get a tourist at any point in the city, especially to the Gaisano Mall. Like SM Malls of Metro Manila, Gaisano Mall of GenSan also provides the same service like restaurants, shopping centers, markets, entertainment sections, amusement facilities and a lot more. General Santos City would not be an established city after all if the basic amenities are not available and through this mall, the basic necessities and other needs are readily available. Gaisano Mall is not just a shopping place but it is also a symbol of General Santos City's economic stability.

Mall of the South

Since apparently, SM Malls dominate the area of Luzon, Gaizano Malls are considered to rule the southern part of the Philippines. Its franchise or company thrives in Mindanao and the Visayas Region. Gaisano Malls are under the Gaisano Capital Group of Companies, Gaisano Grand Group, Gaisano Ceb and JS Gaisano of General Santos. Gaisano is definitely is another common name for malls in the Philippines, especially in the south thanks to the forty branches spread within the Mindanao and Visayas Regions. Another known Gaisano Group related company is the Metro Gaisano which is in tie up with Ayala Group of Companies. Ayala Group of Companies is also a familiar name in the same industry because of malls like Metro Market! Market (at Taguig City), Trinoma (situated at Quezon City) and of course Glorietta (located at Makati City).



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