Chicken Hauz in General Santos City - Philippines

The Chicken Hauz restaurant in General Santos city has a reputation for having the best tasting garlic chicken. The chickens are marinated in their famous sauce then grilled and served with the side dish or dishes of your choice. Next to the various tuna or other fish dishes in Gensan, garlic chicken ranks a top second place. Similar to Vigan's famous Longganisa, the garlic chicken is hailed as the best ever in the Philippines. This claim has been backed up by many food bloggers and travelers that have trekked there just to taste it.

The Chicken Hauz has a saying that once you try their chicken you would always come back for more and this holds true since many people travel to Gensan just to sample the cuisine.

Many people have theorized to what makes the garlic chicken so good. Some swear it is the local salt from the sea, some say it is the annatto seeds that are crushed and mixed with the baste. Some say its all in the wrist or grilling technique. The chicken sold here is always grilled. Never fried, never made into a soup but grilled all the way.

How does one find the Chicken Hauz? The small shop can be found along South Osmena street and another branch has opened along Magsaysay avenue, both in Gensan. They have expanded their menu but it is somewhat small and limited since the chicken is their best seller. The resto opens early in the morning at around 8am then closes at 9pm daily. Travelers are advised to avoid eating there after 6pm since that is when the crowd comes in. People are willing to wait to be seated and if you opt for take out or to go, it would take you a good fifteen minutes. It is advisable to just pay up for the order then comeback for it after fifteen minutes.

There have been attempts by the owners to experiment mixing different flavors into the mix but it has not caught on to the people. They still prefer the garlic style chicken. You can also choose the part of the chicken you would like to eat although the favorite part is the breast and wing part.

Travelers should be wary of other garlic chicken restos claiming to be the best and original but many locals can easily point you to the real deal when you arrive in Gensan.

It is not sure if you can order by phone in advance but you can try them at (83) 552-2542.



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