Bawing Offshore Pinnacle in General Santos City - Philippines

Even before there were many known dive spots in General Santos City, the Bawing Offshore Pinnacle is already one of them. That is because it is one of the oldest dive spots in the city. The Bawing Offshore Pinnacle is situated along the Sarangani Bay, on the western portion. To go to the Bawing Offshore Pinnacle from the General Santos City proper, the tourist diver can take a jeepney, tricycle, or habal habal ride going to the town of Tambler, where Sarangani Bay is situated. Now if he happens to have already toured other dive spots along the Sarangani Bay, all he has to do is to go to the Bawing Offshore Pinnacle via a boat ride from these spots. There are fishermen in the area who will be willing to take passengers on their boat to the various dive points along the Bay, of course for a fee.

Once the tourist diver gets to the site, he might get disappointed when he sees the surface of the water, because all marine life in it has already been destroyed by rampant dynamite fishing in the past. But since this is a dive spot, the tourist diver can simply opt to take his frustrations aside and dive deeper into the waters. Once he reaches 12 meters below the water's surface, here is where the wonders unfold. Here, one will be able to see some of the deep dwelling fish species such as sponges and sea fans. And then, swimming further on to about 500 meters away from the beach, one will be able to witness a huge pinnacle formation springing up from the sea bed. When it is low tide, one will be able to see this pinnacle at only five meters below the water's surface. This pinnacle could well be the reason why the place is called Bawing Offshore Pinnacle.

All sorts of divers, novices and experts alike, will find the Bawing Offshore Pinnacle dive site very diver friendly because of the weather. Here, they do not get as much rain as they do in the Eastern side of Sarangani Bay. And, since there is less threat of gloomy weather in the Bawing Offshore Pinnacle, there are also lesser waves, and if there are any, the currents are not as strong.

When divers opt to go to the Bawing Offshore Pinnacle, they have to pay an entrance fee. This amounts to about ten pesos per person. If they would want a cottage or a table, they would have to pay an additional 150 pesos for every cottage or table.



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